Abbi Jacobson & Lena Waithe, In Conversation

On Sunday, November 5th, I had the absolute honor of hearing Abbi Jacobson and Lena Waithe speak. These hilarious, intelligent, inspiring, glass-ceiling-breaking women are 2 of my biggest heroes. Both have created some of my favorite content on the small screen. If you are not familiar, Abbi Jacobson is the co-creator and co-star of Broad City, as well as the illustrator of Carry This Book, a New York Times best seller. Lena Waithe is the co-writer and co-star in Master of None and was the first black woman to win an Emmy for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series. She also recently created The Chi, on Showtime. Needless to say, I was in heaven listening to these comedic geniuses share their thoughts, vulnerabilities, humor and art. The event was a book tour for Abbi Jacobson’s I Might Regret This: Essays, Drawings, Vulnerabilities, and Other Stuff.

Since the book just came out, I’m only 4 chapters in but already in love. You know a book must be entertaining and engaging when even the a shameless television-addict, like myself, can stop watching and actually do some reading (ooh, so ~intellectual~). So far, the book is a perfect blend of the comedic, the serious, the introspective and the heart-breaking. It is a candid version of a writer and actor I have admired for years, exposing a side of herself that she has never let us see. While Broad City is one of my all-time favorite series and I am already bracing for the last season, I am happy to see Abbi and Illana working on exciting new projects. They are both starting to create unique, individualized content, making their own personal marks on the entertainment world.

What was so incredible about this event was seeing my idol basically vocalize all the insecurities I, too, have all the time. She talked about everything from her fear of dying alone to her constant internal battle of hiding her darker sides behind comedy and acting, both on the screen and off. I found it so comforting and moving to see the person I admire basically telling me, “You’re not nuts! I feel the same way and look at what a damn queen I turned out to be!” Okay, that was some gross misquoting, but you catch my drift. It was just a very special experience and one I won’t forget any time soon. I felt understood, hopeful and, above all, inspired to try and create something I would be proud of (even if that just ends up being this amateur blog!)

Apologies for this being more of a personal Kelly story than a television review or recommendation. I can hear the eye-rolls as people read my overdramatized reaction to this hour and half long event. However, it was a friendly reminder that even the people you look up to most were probably in similar shoes to you at some point. BUT, if you are here looking for TV reviews/recs and not a Lifetime Special about female empowerment and accepting yourself, click here!